Plain Labels

Security Labels

We can offer a wide range of security labels, also known as tamper-evident, destructible and void labels . These labels can clearly indicate when an attempt has been made to remove them or to get past them to gain entry to or tamper with a protected product, asset or piece of equipment.

Have a look at the pictures to give you an idea of how the different materials perform. The tamper evident and destructible labels will be either difficult to remove or break apart easily and the void labels use a special marked adhesive to reveal the word “VOID” or a pattern when the label is removed.

Power Supply - Tamper Proof 1 Power Supply - Tamper Proof 2

As with most materials available to us, we can use security materials to make plain labels or we can create custom printed labels, with any design of your choice. Let us know what the requirements for your label are and we will help suggest the best material for your application.

We would always recommend testing of these types of labels due to the large combination of different types of surfaces the label is applied to and how each type of label will perform on them. Just ask us and we will post you a range of free samples to trial.